Kid-Made Solutions

kid made 1

I love this example of a kid-made study solution!

A high school sophomore copes with learning Chinese vocab by creating a weekly study guide she inserts into her pencil case.  Every time she needs a writing implement, she’s glancing at the week’s vocabulary and English translations.

The take-away: In a complex educational environment in which students are learning in a variety of modalities throughout the day, creative problem-solving beats a one-design fits all approach.  Organizational/Executive Function Coaches sometimes get rigid about methods and like to “kid-proof” their designs.  We do not like clutter, or multi-use objects –like a pencil case that is also a study-tool.  But organizational strategies must intersect with the improvisational nature of active learning.  Think pre-school classroom and all those objects that are labeled, so children engage with print as they gather materials throughout the day!  Great students learn to improvise strategically and keep their study needs foremost in their minds.  Cognitive flexibility and functional independence are always goals for executive function coaching.  Modeling techniques for meeting personal learning goals is a great way to help kids learn to help themselves.

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